My year in Roadfood (2010)

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My year in Roadfood (2010)

For those of you who think the holiday season shouldn't start before Thanksgiving, more bad news.  I am starting my year end review early.  Since I only have one more trip planned this year (to Memphis & Arkansas for bbq and pie, but definitely not in that order) it seems my best burgers list should be done.
10. Solly's Grille - Milwaukee, WI 

The butter burger they serve at Solly's is not for everyone.  I have been here with several different people and many of them thought the amount of butter on the burger was overwhelming.  Not me.  I love every butter drenched bite.  Actually, on the four visits I've made to Solly's over the years, this one undoubtedly had the least amount of butter.  
9. Matt's Bar - Minneapolis, MN

Sorry to post a photo of food that already has been bitten into, but with the Jucy Lucy, you need to see the inside of the burger to know what all the fuss is about.  Matt's is a wildly popular tavern that specializes in these cheese stuffed burgers.  We visited Matt's main competition, the The 5-8 Club a few days earlier and we found Matt's to be significantly better. 
8. Powers Hamburgers - Fort Wayne, IN

Powers Hamburgers is a tiny art deco building in downtown Fort Wayne that serves excellent sliders.  They give you so many fried onions on your burgers, that we heard several regulars come in and ask for "light on the onions".  I say, the more the better!
7. Wedl's Hamburger Stand - Jefferson, WI

No surprise that a great hamburger state like Wisconsin is well represented on this list.  This place is odd in that they have a seperate little building next to the street where they fry up the delicious burgers, while the main building just a few feet away has the rest of the menu, including the indoor seating.  The burgers are small and a double gives you the desired meat-to-bun ratio.  Just a great combination of lots of cheese, fried onions and high quality meat.
6. Redamak's - New Buffalo, MI

This one might be for sentimental reasons.  Immediately after eating this juicy double, with Velveeta cheese on it, I texted my brother and told him I found a burger that tastes just like the great cheeseburgers our now deceased father used to make. 
5. Le Tub - Hollywood, FL

One of the strangest decorated restaurants I have ever seen (there are toilets sitting around with flowers planted in them), Le Tub once was named best burger in the country by GQ magazine.  I'm not ready to go that far, but this was a terrific burger.  They obviously use very high quality meat and then grilled to the perfect temperature.  They are infamous for taking an hour or more to deliver your burger, but we had ours in a very reasonable amount of time. 
4. Port of Call - New Orleans, LA

In one of the darkest bars imaginable, I was lucky to get a seat next to the far backroom window to be able to take a decent photo.  This tall burger delivers excellent beefy flavor, but what really made it for me is the mushrooms sauteed in wine, butter and garlic.  It felt strange to be eating a burger in New Orleans, but I was over that after the first bite.  
3. Lankford Grocery - Houston, TX

My first visit here and I absolutely loved my big, messy, ultra-juicy double cheeseburger.  This is what a burger is supposed to taste like.  Great atmosphere, including our wonderful waitress who looks just like Granny Clampett, gets Lankford Grocery bonus points.  
2. Buckhorn Tavern - San Antonio, NM

Despite all of the fame this small place has received in the past few years, they still deliver one outstanding green chile cheeseburger.  Some people on the 2010 Roadfood bus tour even named this the best GCC we had on the tour.  
1. Bobcat Bite - Santa Fe, NM

To be honest, this competition was over the day the Roadfood powers that be announced that we were going to New Mexico for the 2010 Roadfood bus tour.  Spectacularly good burger that is the perfect combination of bun, high quality juicy beef, cheese and green chiles.  The fact that they have the friendliest staff in the world just adds to it.  The green chile cheeseburger here would be my death row meal. 
Honorable mention:
Paradise Pup - Des Plaines, IL
Northgate Soda Shop - Greenville, SC
Clamp's Hamburger Stand - New Milford, CT
Anchor Bar - Superior, WI
Hodad's - Ocean Beach, CA
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