Trippin' Summer 2011

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Trippin' Summer 2011

Okay Gang
Here’s my trip report from the summer of 2011. We visited Gettysburg and Arlington National Cemetery before hitting Huntsville. We took our standard route home with one slight detour.
Our first of several memorable meals would come at Roadfoods own chewingthefat’s Chubby’s BBQ.

Chubby's BBQ by Davwud, on Flickr
Tom met up with us there where we enjoyed some of his wares.

Chubby's BBQ platter by Davwud, on Flickr
The sample platter was good. I like my Q smokier but that’s just personal preference. The brisket here really surprised with it’s garlic kick. The baked beans were superb too. Tom doesn't screw things up by over saucing everything. A little to dress it was all it needed.

Hunt’s Battlefield Café in Gettysburg provided a really good lunch.

Hunt's Battlefield Cafe by Davwud, on Flickr
The cheesesteak was awesome.

Hunt's Cafe (Gettysburg, Pa) Cheese steak by Davwud, on Flickr
Their famous fries were good but nothing exceptional. Their burger was tasty but a bit over cooked. It was also loaded down with toppings. I think if I went again I’d order it slightly differently and get a much better result.
Dinner that night was at the Lincoln Diner.

Lincoln Diner by Davwud, on Flickr
Good solid food with it’s own bakery in the basement. All their deserts are home made.

Lincoln Diner Desert Display by Davwud, on Flickr
The chicken croquettes on the specials board where quite tasty. I don’t know if they were any good since I haven’t had them since I was a kid but they were tasty.

We met a facebook friend who I’d never met in person.

The Quarterdeck by Davwud, on Flickr
She suggested the Quarterdeck in Arlington and it was a huge hit.
We had 2 lbs of large crabs.

2 Doz. Large Crabs by Davwud, on Flickr
We also had a not so good appetizer platter and some fantastic onion rings.
What can I say, the crabs were awesome. We staggered them 1 lb at a time and that worked well.  Lots of Yuengling draft too. Honestly, hot summer night, cold Yuengling on draft and a pile of crabs. Does it get any better??

The next morning before hitting the road Mrs. Sippi wanted breakfast. She just happened to spy an ad for Extra Perks.

Extra Perks by Davwud, on Flickr
Great call.

Corned Beef Hash by Davwud, on Flickr
I’m not that well versed in corned beef hash but this was excellent. The cook really seemed to know his way around a flat top. Great crispiness. Push it to the brink of burning then back off. Great crust.
On the way to Huntsville we got hungry. So I knew of a roadfood featured place and we paid a visit

Wright's Dairy Rite by Davwud, on Flickr
Wright's is just a cool place. All the food was good to excellent.

Wright's Dairy Rite (Staunton, Va.) Carolina Burger by Davwud, on Flickr
I really liked the Carolina burger. So named for the condiment combination that would be known as "All the way" in the Carolinas. (or so I'm given to understand)
Since we were heading through Chattanooga a stop at Dixie Freeze was a must.

Dixie Freeze (Giant Burger) S. Pittsburg, Tn. by Davwud, on Flickr
My burger was outstanding as usual. The butter bar for desert was amazing though. Kind of a cross between chess and pecan pie in bar form.

Butter Bar by Davwud, on Flickr
All their deserts are made in house by the owners mother. A terrific and talented lady.
So after spending a week in Huntsville we headed home. A stop at our normal Skyline Chili in Dayton occurred of course. I had a couple of cheese coneys.

Skyline Chili (Greater Cinci) Chili, cheese coneys by Davwud, on Flickr
Like these here.

The next day breakfast was at the Waffle House. I hadn’t eaten at one since we were dating in the 90’s. I didn’t recall it being all that great but it was close and Mrs. Sippi wanted to go.

Waffle House Chili cheese omelet by Davwud, on Flickr
My chili cheese omelet was quite serviceable. Nothing to make chefs everywhere rethink their careers but sometimes food just has to “Hit the spot.” It did. 

We were less than a half hour away from a place that’s been on my “To do” list for a while.

Maid Rite Drive-In by Davwud, on Flickr
So a detour to Greenville, Oh. we go and visit Maid Rite’s.

Maid Rite (Greenville, Oh) Big Jim Sandwich by Davwud, on Flickr
The loose meat sandwiches were, well, Good. The more stuff on them the better it seemed. The Big Jim was certainly our favourite. The meat itself isn’t overly tasty nor is the bun. They work well together though. There’s an element of sweetness to them that are nicely balanced with the pickle, onion and mustard. Adding cheese and ham (Big Jim) made for a great sandwich. The peanut butter shake and vanilla malted were also very good.  
So there you have it. Our Summer vacation in pictures of food.
Check back around Thanksgiving for more road food memories.

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