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Amish & Appalachian Adventures with a bit of da' Burgh and a slice of Jersey

98I know the heading is a mouthful. but I accomplished quite a bit in six days of Roadfooding.
In fact this WAS a straight Roadfood trip- no trains or planes- just my car-  not a baseball trip, not really a sightseeing trip, in fact I kept leaving my camera in the car when it was time to sight see, although I did manage to get a few good photos in.
Thursday August 4
This was a pick your poison day. Did I want rush hour traffic or construction traffic. I decided to go with Rush Hour Traffic . Leaving from Rhode Island and heading south is always brutal. At least for me it is. I never seem to get a break driving south on the I 95 corridor. I left work a little early and hoped it would take me less than 6 hours to get to Princeston NJ which is where I would be staying overnight.
Not quite in Roadfood mode yet (that begins on Friday) I stopped at the Post Road Diner in Norwalk CT for a very healthy Spinach and Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard dressing and a cup of chicken soup. 
Here's an interesting brief write up in the Norwalk Patch.
It took me  a total of 4 hours and 45 minutes to get to Princeton (including my stop for dinner) had a Sam Adams at the hotel (The Hyatt Regency & only 50 bucks on priceline) and called it a night.
Friday August 5
Looking forward to a Trenton Style Pork Roll, I knew where I was going to go.....however
It's never a good omen  to approach this sign- especially on the first Roadfood stop on my trip.

Travelin' Manned!
This doesn't happen to ME!
I always plan in advance! 
In fact I called The Little King in Hamilton Square  the previous weekend to verify how early they open, and they told me they would be open- no mention of any vacations 
Well, I did what any Roadfooder would do, I'm certainly not going to settle for a meal at Denny's or Ihop
I took out my GPS, looked up "Deli's" the closest ones to me and started making calls....
1st call - are you open? yes 
              do you make sandwiches? yes
              do you have Pork Roll ?- we just ran out!
2nd call-  are you open? yes 
              do you make sandwiches? yes
              do you have Pork Roll ?- YES!
Great- and it's only 2 miles away.
I drove directly to

The New Briarwood Deli- 
also located in Hamilton Square
I asked if they can do a Pork Roll and Cheese on a half hoagie roll- no - not at breakfast, only on a hard roll, how about onions and peppers? Yes- that they can do.

Unfortunately there was no seating at this deli- take out only- however there were a couple of outdoor tables and chairs by the dry cleaners a couple of doors down in the same plaza.
This is my second experience with pork roll- my first was at a Trenton Thunder game back in 2003. Pork Roll, to me is like a combination of thick sliced bologna and canadian bacon. I enjoyed my sandwich, although it would have been even better on a hoagie roll.
After breakfast, I drove back to the heart of Princeton to enjoy some good strong coffee at Small World Coffee- in fact this was my favorite coffee house on the trip. 
Checking out of my hotel- I crawled through Eastern PA in  heavy construction traffic. I was wondering if I would ever make it to the other side of the state.
I finally made it to Amish Country in time for lunch and a stop at 

Risser's Family Restaurant.

A full lot with in state license plates- always a good sign
I spoke with proprietor Ernie Risser a week or so before after verifying that they have an every third friday lunch special that I've been dying to try for years. And I was in luck- they were going have it this friday.
Walking into the restaurant you have the option of sitting in the diner side of the restaurant or in the actual dining room.

I chose the dining room because I really enjoyed this mural.
Starting out with an UNSWEETENED Iced Tea, I had the option of going with the soup and salad bar instead of ordering two sides with my meal- After I asked the waitress to recite the soups of the day- I opted to go with the two sides since there was no Chicken Corn Soup Today ( a Penn Dutch specialty)
I started out with a salad just loaded with warm bacon dressing.

yes, the dressing actually came   on the salad "as is" and wow it was good- I've had this a couple of times in the past and I've never seen this much dumped on a salad before- but in this case- the more the merrier.
Some fresh corn fritters also made its way to my table.

However I came here for the main course- something I've been waiting to try for the last 20 year years.

Schnitz und Knepp
A Penn Dutch dish thats getting harder and harder to find- most restaurants, like Rissers will just have this as a revolving special.
Made with thick cuts of ham sided with  soft warm billowy dumplings and with what seemed to me a combination of apple pie filling/stewed apples bathed in hot apple cider this is ideal comfort food and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
I ensured that I ordered a whole shoe fly pie "to go" before I left- and no that's not for me (who could it possibly be for?)

You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out
Much more to com.e
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