Vietnam Cuisine Introduction

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Vietnam Cuisine Introduction

Vietnam Cuisine is calling for food processing methods, the principle of mixed spicesand general eating habits of Vietnamese people in the country of Vietnam. But almostmore or less difference, cuisine Vietnam has contained the most general sense to refer to all of the dishes popular in the community of ethnic minorities but is relatively commonin the community Vietnam.
While there are features of each region, cuisine Vietnam has different characteristics in each region, although in each region of the sub-regional cuisine also shows various features.
Northern Cuisine 
Northern cuisine is often not bold and spicy, fatty, sweet with other regions, mainly use diluted fish sauce, shrimp sauce. Use more vegetables and other fresh seafood readily available such as shrimp, crab, fish, clams, mussels, etc. and generally, by ancient tradition with poor agriculture, food and beverage North less prevalent before the main dish with raw meat, fish. Many people appreciate a cuisine in Hanoi, said that it represents the essence of the typical cuisine of North Vietnam with the pho, bun thang, bun cha, gift items such as cereal Round, Bar-rolls maintenance etc. and special spices such as tomato stem oil, vegetables and basil Lang.

Southern Cuisine 
Southern cuisine, is influenced much of Chinese food, Cambodia, Thailand, is characterized in more often or use sugar and coconut milk (the juice of the coconut water and creep). Culinary background also produces numerous types of dried salted fish (such as colorful fish sauce, fish sauce out of school, three aspects sauce, etc.).Southern cuisine is also used more seafood than the salt water and brackish North (fish, shrimp, crabs, sea snails), and very special to dishes of Wildlife, the characteristics of a time to open the realms , while now many have become specialties: coconut water voles respects, flying fox steamed tofu, porridge land cobra green beans, coconut sugar, sugar or sugar scrub land is, cramps chong, barely grilled snakehead fish etc.

Central Cuisine
Central food with all its unique characteristics expressed by distinct flavors, spicy and salty food more than food north and south, the colors blending rich, vibrant, natural color on red and brown. The central cities of Hue, Da Nang, Binh Dinh is famous for shrimp sauce and sour sauce and assorted procession. In particular, Hue cuisine influenced by the cuisine from the royal family, so very picky in the processing and presentation. On the other hand, there is not much locally produced food supplies, which again requires royal bulk food, every kind of materials are processed is very diverse with many different dishes.

Cuisine of the ethnic minorities in Vietnam 
With 54 ethnic groups living in various geographic regions across diverse national, ethnic food of every ethnic community in Vietnam have a distinct identity. Many of these items are less known in other ethnic groups, such as pork dishes live mix of ethnic non phèo Highlands. However, many dishes have become national specialty in Vietnam and is widely known as the South dropout sauce, egg rolls (Cao Bang, Lang Son), bread line Coong (Tay ethnic group), suckling pigs and duck hooks secret password humiliation Lang Son, and sour noodle soup, congee bee larvae, sparkling city also, trying to win, the baking dish of Thai glutinous sticky rice, meat and sour Thanh Son, Phu Tho, etc.
I will discuss in turn the food of each region in Vietnam, thank you for your interest !

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