West Coast Food Safari: US Hwy 101

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West Coast Food Safari: US Hwy 101

Would anybody be up for a food safari, looking for small places to eat along US Route 101 on the West Coast...???

Downhome instead of upscale...???  More good & funky instead of "exotic"...???  Plate lickin' good, not "fru fru" food...???
History of US 101
US 101 was one of the original US highways, and in many ways it shares the same uniqueness as US Hwy 66, or the highway that started it all: the Lincoln Highway...
At times it's several miles inland, and at others it's along the shoreline. It was first commissioned in 1926, as a highway taking travelers and commuters between the Mexican Border south of San Diego ,through the many towns and cities along the Central Coast in California, all the way up to Olympia, Washington. 
The highway was completely wiped out during the "Christmas Flood" of 1964 in Mendocino and Humboldt counties where entire communities were wiped off the map along the Eel River (this was due to a "Cut-Off Low" type storm, which often park themselves off the California Coast and pumps in huge amounts of rain & snow in continious storm fronts for long periods) and although the highway itself has been rebuilt (some parts are still 2 lane in this area) some towns struggled to get re-established...there is a marker along the highway between Redway & Scotia that shows the high water mark for that section...at least a dozen feet above the roof of your car...

The scenery IS superb and photogenic, the small towns in the north are often less than 5,000 population where you can see the stars unimpeded and go to sleep with the sounds of crickets, and in the southern part and the SF Bay Area a wide variety of entertainment & cultural interests can be found...and then there's the Pacific Ocean...and in the southern part of California the waters are warmer than the rest of the route that is next to the sea (surfers use wetsuits the further north you go)

Many sections of modern day Interstate-5, which runs a similar route to US 101, were once a part of US-101.
Highway 101, running north-south through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, along the West Coast of the United States, is at various point also anointed with secondary local names... It is also known as El Camino Real (The Royal Road) where its route along the southern and central California coast approximates the old trail which linked the Spanish missions, pueblos and presidios. It merges at some points with California Highway 1. North of San Francisco it's also known as the Redwood Highway...

I don't know that much about organizing a road trip like this, but it's not like we need to invent the wheel again: Airstream WBCC, Ham & CB radio clubs, travel caravans, etc have done this as have many of YOU good folks out there on previous FOOD road trips...
Many travel groups will have a capable "wagon master" and assistants...
I was also thinking about LOCAL GUIDES...regional residents to help us with their knowledge... 
Alternate IDEA:  AMTRAK
I wonder IF a train trip would work. Perhaps as another Food Safari ... ???
Or as a RETURN Trip...Hwy 101 northbound, AMTRAK southbound back to the starting point...??? Would this interest anybody...???
Yet ANOTHER idea:
Is a trip up (or down) US Hwy 395, east of the Sierra & Cascade mountains, in desolate places than range from desert to mountains, small towns. Mule Days in Bishop...???  Vist the Alabama Hills (hundreds of movies filmed there) & Death Valley or watch a movie at the Lone Pine Film Museum after picking up some vittles...??? 
I'll post these two alternate ideas in separate topics... 
Meanwhile, back on topic about HWY 101: 
NOMINATIONS:  would anybody like to be a Regional Guide...???  
STOPS & ITINERARY:  Suggestions of places to eat...???  What route versus time of day to plan well timed meals (breakfast at breakfasttime, lunch at unchtime, dinner at dinnertime, etc)
My initial thoughts are to start at the southern end in APRIL and work our way north...
Here's a few links about Hwy 101:

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