BBQ Auto Pump Injector System.

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BBQ Auto Pump Injector System.

Stop Soaking; Start Poking (Injecting)
Here is the web site  where you can watch our videos
You can go on line and read 1000 different opinions about marinating meat. Most read like this: “One of the simplest ways to flavor meat is to marinate it. That is, treat it like a sponge. All you have to do is pour sauce on the food, let it soak for a while and then cook it.”

Personally, based upon over 30 years of experience in the kitchen, as well as in the BBQ pits, I don’t believe that is true. In fact, even after hours of soaking, most marinades don’t penetrate meats like beef, pork or lamb much more than 1/8". A side effect of marinade on meat is a wet surface, which impedes the ability to crisp or obtain a nice char. In short, ‘soaking’ marinades adversely affect the taste and texture of many meats.
On the other hand, meats such as chicken, turkey, and some pork cuts usually absorb a little more  marinade (though not as much as we would like) and fish will literally absorb it like a sponge.
If the marinade contains a lot of salt or acid, they will affect the meat in a different way. Salt is important, as a flavor enhancer, and has good penetrating properties, as well as a conduit for pulling in other flavor components (like brine).
Acids can serve as a kind of marinade; fruit juices (i.e. lemon, apple, orange, pineapple, orange and white grape juice), vinegars, and even sugar-free soft drinks can break down protein, which is a process known as ‘denaturing’. However, too much acid, or even a small amount of acid over too long a time can make the surface of the meat mushy, which inhibits crispness or charring. 
All that said some meat cuts absolutely need additional flavoring and even the best cuts of meat can be enhanced with liquids and spices. Up until now, the only feasible alternative to soaking was injecting with an oversized syringe and needle. 
Unfortunately, when you go through several cases of meat (pork and beef) each week, the syringe takes too much time, is very hard on your hands and fingers and – quite frankly – it is a real pain.  Every time I injected meat, I found myself thinking that there had to be an easier way. After a lot of thought, and a long ‘trial and error’ process, I found an easier way. In fact, I found the perfect way to add liquid and spice to meat. Inject liquid - marinades, cures, seasonings - into large pieces of meat. Works great for: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Hams, Turkeys, Lamb -- works with any meat you want to add flavor and moisture to. May also be used to inject “Tenderizing Solution “into meat. Please allow me to introduce you to the
‘Auto Pump Injector System’
(Patent pending). 
The Auto Pump Injector System is a culinary work of art and engineering excellence. The industrial-quality pump has a thermally protected 115v motor. It is self-priming, and features an automatic shutoff pressure switch; if it runs dry, it will shut off before causing any damage to the pump.
With the Auto Pump Injector System, you  can inject a case of pork shoulders in almost less time than it takes to open the case and remove the shrink wrap. Because it is so easy to use, meat gets injected from numerous different angles, which makes it a much more efficient and effective process.  In other words, you produce a better product for less time and money.
Clean-up is equally easy: Put the intake hose in hot/soapy water and run the pump a few seconds; move the hose to a bleach/water solution and run the pump a few more seconds; pump clear water to flush the system. It’s that fast; it’s that simple.
No professional kitchen is complete without The Auto Pump Injector System; no professional chef can add flavor/spice to meats to the fullest extent without The Auto Pump Injector System.
Q: Can I run the pump without any liquids?      
A: Yes, for a limited amount of time, but not for an extended period.
Q: Will this system pump solids?
A: No. All spices should be blended in a liquid (i.e. fruit juices, water, vinegars, soft drinks) until completely dissolved. Never use any liquid that has a greater viscosity than orange juice, and never pump fatty or grease-laden liquids with this pump.
Q: How do I clean the outside of the pump?
A: After unplugging the pump, simply wipe it off with a damp towel. NEVER submerge the pump, as it is an electrocution hazard and will void the warrantee.
Q Will the Auto Pump Injector System use more spice and liquid than the soaking method?
A: Yes because it becomes easier to add the liquid/spice mixture to your favorite cuts of meat. The job is no longer tedious and painful. The average kitchen employee will be more conscientious when injecting meats and therefore the meat gets more and a wider disbursement of liquid and spice. When your kitchen staff sees how much the meat swells with each injection they will tend to inject closer together and at many different angles. But all of these are positive not the negatives of the old hit and miss way of injecting meats.
Q: What cuts and types of meats can I inject?
A: Almost any type and cut, thick cut Bone on Pork Chops, Pork Shoulders, Pork Loins, Hams, Beef Brisket, Rib Roast, Top and Bottom Rounds, Chuck, Plate, Sirloin, and Shank. Any solid Muscle meats.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Dr of BBQ
2709 S 6th Street
Springfield Illinois 62703
217-744-9999 (BBQ Stand; Tues - Sat; 10:00am - 6:00 pm)
217-529-9000  (Home)  217-685-1333 (Cell, but I seldom use it.)
Pump made by ShurFlo Pumps
Plastic Hose by Dormont Company
All Connections by Grainger Company

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