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2012/04/22 11:36:36 (permalink)

WOW... gallstone attack

You know all those bad words? I said 'em all, and made up some new ones to go along with them.
It started innocuously, at about 10:30PM Friday. And I didn't eat anything spicy or fatty for dinner; heck, I had a bowl of chicken soup and a chicken salad sandwich, at about 8:30. I did wash it down with a strong ale, though. Anyhow, about 10:30, I started getting an ache below the ribcage on the right. What the heck, I figured, I'll go to bed and it'll go away.
But by about 12:30, it was worse. The pain covered my entire abdominal area, and I was dizzy, with chills. So we went to the emergency room,  where we sat for 2 hours. About 3AM, I finally got to the back, and asked for something for the pain, and got a shot of Dilaudid. An hour or so later, they gave me an ultrasound, which showed thickening of the gall bladder... well, yeah, I've had that for 20 years. The thing has been full of sludge about that long, but it's never caused me any problems.
At about 7AM, they gave me another shot of Dilaudid. Around 9:30 they told me that they were going to send me home with half a dozen Percocets and a 4 day prescription for hyocyamine. I took one of the Percs and went home and fell asleep, and basically I slept from 10AM yesterday until 9AM this morning.
I got no appetite. I woke up long enough yesterday to have a bowl of Cheerios; I had two soft boiled eggs and a cup of tea this morning, but I didn't eat the toast. Frankly, I'm afraid to eat anything that might set it off again, because it really, really sucked. Right now the abdominal pain is gone, but there is an ache where the gall bladder is, like a muscle strain.
I figure on a forum about eating spicy and flavorful foods there have to be people who have dealt with this. I feel like for the next week at least, it's canned vegetables and white rice... but what does the future hold?
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