Helpful Reply~ When the OWNERS TAKE the tips ...

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~ When the OWNERS TAKE the tips ...

I just came across this review for a restaurant in Northampton, Massachusetts ...
May 13, 2012
good food, a bit expensive
by freshfoodfollower (4 reviews)

You can't beat the flavor of this Indian food. It has a complex, delicate but distinct flavor. It is also consistently good. You can absolutely count on having a delicious meal here. Unfortunately, the meat portions have steadily declined to the point of being absurd, especially since the price is definitely on the high end. That being said, the food is outstanding. Everything, down to the nan and the chai is authentic and genuinely delicious. ... 

...  The deal breaker for me though was when I discovered that the owner family keeps the tips and doesn't give ANY of the tips to the waiters. Haven't been back since I learned this from a first hand source (someone who worked there.) This puts the customer in an awkward position. The food is already expensive and the skimpy portions make you feel like you are over-paying to begin with. Then to think you are stiffing your waiter, and giving the owners a generous tip on top of it all makes it kind of problematic.

... I wouldn't think of not tipping unless the service and the food were terrible, (the service is consistently very good by the way) so, my solution, is to not go at all, which is a shame. There seems to be something deceptive and unethical about this practice because the customers think they are tipping the waitstaff ...

So ... My topic here is how does a policy like this set with y'all ???

I understand that the owner takes your order and brings your bill ... but after that, they have nothing to do with the service, the people who keep your water filled, paces your meal, clean the table, brings your drinks, etc.

Is this standard ???  Is this Okay ???   
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