It is National Blue Cheese Day!

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It is National Blue Cheese Day!

Courtesy of Tom Fitzmorris
It is National Blue Cheese Day. Today in 1070, Roquefort cheese is said to have been discovered. A shepherd found a chunk of cheese he left in a cave some time earlier near the town of Roquefort, France. It was moldy, but he was hungry. He found the mold gave the cheese an exciting new flavor. This is probably just a legend. Cheeses that become delicious after being infected with molds have been known since Roman times.

Roquefort is the most famous of all blue cheeses, and the first cheese to have been recognized as unique to the place where it is made. It even has a slogan: "The King of Cheeses, and the Cheese of Kings." (It's not the only cheese that claims this.) The only true Roquefort comes from that same small area of France, where the Lacaune breed of sheep produce the milk from which it is made. Cheesemakers claim that the plants in that area, and the limestone caves in which the cheese is aged, are what's unique. The mold produces an acid that gives blue cheese its distinctive tang. The mold is the same penicillin mold that shows up on old bread. Roquefort has a particularly powerful taste.
Roquefort is not the only blue cheese. Among the more famous others are Stilton (from England), Gorgonzola (Italy), and Maytag (Iowa). Danish blue cheese probably outsells all of those put together. And there's lots of generic blue cheese out there.
So,whats your favorite dish using Blue Cheese and what brand do you think is the best?
I like Blue Cheese crumbled on a good steak.
I prefer Maytag Brand!
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