Louisville KY & Indiana Report

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Louisville KY & Indiana Report

So I really wasn't feeling great and for various reasons we didn't get to the places we wanted to in Louisville.  And come time to drive home I didn't feel like the added 1 1/2 to 2 hours going to Bon Ton Mini Mart and Moonlight BBQ would add (I was a wimp I know).  But I think we found a few new places.
I got into Louisville at rush hour on Thursday and we were staying downtown.  By the time we got back out to eat it was getting late.  We walked up to Fourth Street Live - it's a pretty cool area where they closed off a couple of blocks of the street and put a 'roof' over it.  We didn't know that Louisville had put a No Smoking ban on restaurants recently so we avoided some places that might have been good like Irish pubs.  We wound up at Gordon Biersch Brewery - I know, a chain but surprisingly good.  We ordered the Kobe Cheeseburger and BBQ Chicken Pizza.  The burger was great.  You could smell the beefy flavor before she ever sat it on the table and they buttered and toasted the bun - a detail that makes a burger to me.  And the crust for the pizza was very good because they had given the dough time to develop so it had that really nice yeast flavor.
Friday afternoon after the convention ended, we hit Muth's Candies and got some of the modjeskas, peanut and popcorn brittles.  Then we decided to drive over to Indiana and hit a place we had found near our friends' since they wanted to do one of the BIG chains for supper.  We went 65 and then across through Scottsburg to a little 'community' called Commiskey but we didn't see the place.  I looked up their address and they weren't on the main highway.  It's a DIVE of a place called Lurton's and you won't find it by accident but everyone raved about their pies.  We got there about 2pm so we were the only people there.
The place might scare most people for many reasons - it's old, the building was built in 1870.  They have one of the largest collections of Elvis memorabilia you have ever seen along with a lot of other collectibles in display cases that desperately need a good cleaning.  No tables match, chairs have torn vinyl, well you get the picture but just in case you don't....

Oh and that is a stage on the left side of the picture - where their Elvis impersonator performs.  He even dresses his infant son up to look like Elvis from the pictures we saw.


The food is limited and cheap.  We both got the Alaskan white fish and I liked it but Jeff didn't. Just as he had delivered our freshly cooked food, we asked about the pies and he started listing them off - lemon meringue, chocolate meringue, butterscotch meringue, chocolate peanut butter, and I didn't think I was hearing him right so I asked 3 times the last asking him was he saying zucchini like the squash.  Yep - zucchini pie.  Because we had never heard of it much less had it, he immediately brought us a huge piece wanting us to try it.   It wasn't what we expected not that we knew what to expect.  It as nice sized chunks of zucchini in a custard type pie and it was quite tasty. 
Unfortunately we forgot to take a camera and I just had my cellphone but we were in the middle of nowhere so it was acting up and unfortunately, some of my pictures were lost but I got the important ones..... PIES!!!!  
We settled on the butterscotch GREAT choice but I am not sure there was a bad one after tasting the zucchini pie and the butterscotch.  
There was no doubt that it was FRESH.  He told us his mom gets up every morning and makes I think it was 7 pies each day.  The crust wasn't homemade but it was good.  The filling was so good.  And the meringue, best every.  This wasn't the tough meringue you get most of the time, it wasn't weeping, and it wasn't overly sweet.  What it was  was light as air and sort of melted on your tongue like cotton candy.

That is the zucchini pie in the foreground.

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