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2012/11/25 09:22:29 (permalink)


Yesterday morning about 11:15, FedX pulled up  in my yard with an overnight package. In it was 2 US Postal money orders for $995 each and instructions to test Western Union services as a Secrete Shopper by sending the money less my $200 fee to an address in the Philippines.   ... 20 mins later, my local Post Office was taking custody of the foraged Money Orders.  These looked good and would fool a lot of people, but to me the colors were slightly darker than real USPS Money Orders.  I have seen and used USPS Money orders before and know what one looks like.

Anyway, I knew if these were valid, the Local Post Office would cash them and I would have the money 'in-hand' before 12 noon when the office closes.   By going through my Bank per instruction of the letter, it would be 3 to 4 days before the money would be credited to my account or be notified the money orders were forgeries.   ... An immediate verification if the money order is a forgery or not.

Now about a week & half ago, I received and email asking me to do a 'secret shopper' job at Walmart & Western Union.   ... I have done legitimate secret shopper jobs 3 or 4 years ago, but found the pay was not worth the effort.   The email headers check out to be good and the question  form did not ask for any confidential banking info, so I replied asking for more details.   ... FedX drives up in my yard with a $45 overnight letter.  ... Alarms, Alarms, Alarms  ... The Fedx driver and I stand there joking FedX is the only one that made any money on this deal while reading the letter.

About the foraged Money Orders:
  • The over all colors are darker, but close
  • the left hand watermark is very visible; while the real watermark can only be seen with back lighting
  • the vertical repeating 'USPS' watermark on the left hand watermark is missing
  • the vertical silver metal strip is sightly wider than the real one
  • the zip code of the issuing Post Office is none existent 
  • the package was sent from Delaware, while the Money Orders (by the zip code) were from somewhere in Postal Center/hub 3 (Ga, Al, Ms, Fl, Tn, SC; first number of the zip)
I get home from the post Office and there is email instructing me to process the Money Orders & Western Union money order immediately; there is another job for me on Sunday as soon as I fill out the Secret Shopper report.

Darn, ... why can't these idiots send REAL USPS Money Orders????    I may be born & raised in the South, but I didn't fall off a 'turnip truck' yesterday.   ...

Anyway, if any RoadFooders gets a USPS Money Orders or any Money Order (especially large & unexpected money orders), take it directly to the local issuing office to verify and/or cash.   Do Not put these through your bank.

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