LockedA sincere question re: policy and practice on this forum

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A sincere question re: policy and practice on this forum

I enjoy Roadfood.com and, I would guess, 95% of my postings on the site concern food.  My posts are, in general, well-received. 
But, there is this forum within our community which invites posting and giving perspective  on "stuff" which we find either to be of general interest or simply hilarious.   For some arbitrary and capricious reason some of my well-intended, considred content ends up either being "spam-labelled" or expurgated entirely. 
In one extreme case an entire thread I started was expurgated after several pages of spirited, informed "back & forth" - none of which could have been fairly called "political"; the "issue at hand" was whether or not energy generated from wind turbines located in the Atlantic could be stored in U.S. Postal Service vehicles, later to be released to "fire the grid".
Here is that video wherein a gentleman of my age, my race, and is (even) a fellow Presbyterian speaks on the Senate floor as a duly elected Senator of the "first state" of these United States of America:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S4pHUwv2nc .
I posted the video as I thought (and think) it to be absolutely risible. 
Yet, the whole of that mostly thoughtful thread was arbitrarily and capriciously cast into the ether. 
I certainly may be incorrect, but it is my sense that the reason for that was that several of our "equals" were making fools of themselves.
Then very recently, on the "What are you reading" topic on this forum, I opined that the "Killing Lincoln" and "Killing Kennedy" books were enjoyable reads.  Further, I assured those who may be somehow predisposed not to read anything written by an employee of a certain cable channel that they had nothing to fear in the way of "ideological infection". 
That simple recommendation of that which has already been well-received -  the two books are the top two NYT non-fiction "best-sellers" - unleashed a torrent of "fun" back and forth that was expurgated when a number of the "plebes" mocked "the select".
In that censored exchange I cited - TOTALLY without offense to any rules, "Roadfood's" or otherwise - another book I was then re-reading,  Orwell's Animal Farm.
I quoted a passage in it that I still cannot understand for either internal logic or the sentiment:  "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".
I ask now what that means in the context of Roadfood.
Discussion, please; take care to remain "within the rules" (as I have been above, most carefully).

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