East Coast Trip

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East Coast Trip

First time thread poster right here ;-). Ive been reading these forums for a long time and appreciate everyones reports/pictures etc.  Finally figured out how to work photobucket and post some pictures.  My buddy and I took a trip back East this past June and here are some pictures of the food we ate.

The first pizza I ever ate in NY was at Totonnos.  It was love at first bite.  That was about 6 years ago.  I was back East this summer and had a chance to make it back.  Hands down this is my favorite pizza I have ever had.

We had a chance to stop by Katz Deli and get a corned beef and a pastrami sandwich.  Amazing!

First time at DiFara.  We ordered a plain cheese square Sicilian and a DiFara special round pie.  Both unique and both incredibly delicious.  

The best hamburger I have ever had.  Same day we went to DiFara for dinner, we stopped here at Peter Luger for lunch.  It was one of the best eating days of my life.  We even topped it off by getting a Juniors Cheesecake to take home.  God bless Brooklyn and their great foods LOL!

Sarcones Deli in Philadelphia.  Old Fashioned Italian.  Sarcones bread is the best! 

Doesn't look pretty but both items were delicious.  Bens Chili Bowl at the stadium in Washington DC.

I come from the land of In N Outs (Southern California).  I will have to say...Shake Shack may have been the best fast food style burger I have ever had.  Every aspect of this thing was delicious.  This was the one in DC.  We would later go to the one in Philadelphia too.  Great burgers although a tad pricey.

Blurry picture but this was a Vodka Pie from Joe and Pats in Staten Island.  It got better as it cooled down.  Perfectly acceptable pizza.  Better than anything we can get out here in San Diego.

Another blurry picture but after Joe and Pats we went to Deninos.  

Right across the street from Deninos is Ralphs Italian Ice.  I got a strawberry one and it was very refreshing! 

Johns of Bleeker Street.  Coal fired pizza is fantastic.  This pizza had a great char yet it was still chewier than most pizzas.  I really liked it.  Probably could have ate a whole pizza by myself.

Patsys in Harlem.  Another fantastic pizza!

Another blurry pic (sorry!).  Where pizza supposedly started.  Lombardis.  Plain margherita pie.

Nathans.  The mustard pump was real heavy as you can see.  The dogs were fine but I remember them being better the last time I went years ago.  Still a Coney Island tradition though!

Harolds Deli in Edison.  Thats HALF a sandwich.  We got turkey, brisket and pastrami.  I liked the pastrami the best, brisket was a little dry, turkey was turkey.  Not the best sandwich I have had, but definitely the largest/most over the top one ever.  My friends kid ordered a pancake and it came out on a large pizza tray.  It was a sight to see.

The Clam Box in Ipswich, MA.  Fried clams, a lobster roll and some onion rings.  My buddy had a bad clam and got food poisoning.  I was fine but he was seriously messed up for about 3 days.  Ive been here 2-3 times over the years and have always been impressed.  Too bad his lasting impression will be a bad one though :-(

Steamed cheesburger from Teds in Meriden, CT.  My buddy was looking forward to this place the most but couldn't sample it because of his stomach issues from the day before.  The burger was unique...it was good.

Ive been to Pepes and Modern a few times before.  Decided to come to Zuppardis to pick up a pie this time.  Super friendly folks work there and this was by far THE BEST sausage I have ever had on a pizza (house made).  

Hamburger from Louis Lunch.

One of my favorite meals all trip.  Hot Dog Johnnys in Buttzville, NJ.  This place has been here forever!  My mom remembers coming to it when she was younger.  Still great!  Dogs, fries, birch beer, soda and buttermilk.  Its like the In N Out of hot dog stands.  Keep it simple, affordable and delicious!

If I was on my deathbed and could only eat one sandwich before I went, this would be it.  White House Special from White House Subs in Atlantic City, NJ. 

Steves Prince of Steaks in Philadelphia.  The best cheesesteak I had all trip.

Roast pork sandwich from Dinics in the RTM in Philadelphia, PA.  I was not that impressed.  Man Vs Food said it was the best sandwich in America.  I highly disagree.  It was good but not great.  I can think of at least 3-4 other sandwiches in Philadelphia I would choose/eat before this one.  My buddy liked it a lot more than I did.

4th Street Cookies in the RTM in Philadelphia. 

Bassetts Ice cream in RTM Philadelphia, PA.

Millers Twist in RTM Philadelphia, PA.  Great soft pretzels!  I ate one or more of these everyday we were in Philadelphia.  

Even more overrated than Dinics.  Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore.  It just wasnt good.  The beef was stringy and had an odd texture/chew to it.  Totally disappointed.  Side note.... Camden Yards in Baltimore is by far the best stadium on the East Coast...probably the best stadium in the US IMO.  I was highly impressed with it.  It made up for the crappy sandwich at Chaps ;-)

Pats in Philadelphia.  I read a lot of hate for this place but I thought it was good.  Its a greasy gut bomb.  They could use a little better/softer bread but it was a good steak.

My buddy ordered this one from Genos.  Provolone with.  It was edible but not that good.  I prefer Pats by far (as far as cheesesteak intersection goes).

Chickies Deli in Philadelphia.  Maybe my favorite sandwich all trip.  White House and this are like 1 and 1a.  This sandwich was great.  They use Sarcones bread (best bread ever!) and everything in this sandwich worked.  It was delicious.

Shake Shack in Philadelphia.  Expensive ($17.50) but worth it.  Great burger, great cheese fries, tap root beer.  

Chinks Steaks outside Philadelphia.  The whiz didnt work.  Next time I would go with American.  Hot girls work there, service was impeccable and they have great milkshakes.  The steak and bread were good, the whiz just didnt work with the sandwich for whatever reason.
Well.....thats it.  That was our East Coast trip in food pictures.  Hope you enjoyed it!
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