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The Egg

I guess I go through life like most people do, I live in a great country and have everything I need. Every kind of food could be bought in the mkt, I think nothing of how it got there. For The last few yrs we have been raising our own Cows. We brought in 25 hens, raised them through the winter, sold off some to pay for the flock and winter feed. We now have 8 hens and one Rooster. I figured the hens would start laying in the spring, they need longer days of light to really produce. The first day of Day light saving time, one of the gals produced the first egg. I watched her as she struggled with laying her first egg. While i watched her, I thought of the way we mass produce our food to feed the masses. I thought of how the chicken is producing the perfect food. The egg she is giving me, doesn't have to be refrigerated, she takes care of that by putting a protective coating on the shell that protects the egg from bacteria. When I take the eggs home I keep them on my counter for weeks without refrigeration. I will wash the egg just before cracking it to eat. If you have ever had a fresh egg, you will never go back to store bought. The fresh egg cooks better, and tastes much better. In this world of ours that everything is full of sodium and chemicals, do yourself a favor, buy local eggs or if you can raise your own.

This egg was one of several that the chicken has moving down her Oviduct, each egg is at different stages of growth. The yoke is small and the white is being formed as it travels. It takes 25 hrs from the time the egg leaves the Ovary and enters the canal. The Chicken will not lay an egg in the dark, so as the days get longer, the chickens will produce a better amount of eggs. I don't think I will ever buy store eggs again, I have seen the process, I know how hard the Hen works for that egg, I will never look at it quite the same anymore. When I make my egg over easy, I understand it wasn't really easy at all. Raising our own food has changed the way I look at food. I have a new found respect for the natural process of keeping the animal in good health, clean pasture, insuring they have a good life. I like knowing what goes in my families meals, the less hormones and antibiotics the better I feel. I think of Roadfood as being a site that we seek out the best of what restaurants have to offer, why not start that process at home, with the ones we love.......................pnwc
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