The Perfect Burger IMHO

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The Perfect Burger IMHO

IMHO, and I realize everyone like their burger many many different ways. I have worked in the food business for many years, I learned along time ago, I was doing my customer an injustice by telling them how something should be ordered and consumed. The day l removed the halo, thinking It was up to me to tell people how they should eat, or how their food should be prepared. When I designed menus, I always designed the recipes to meet the requirements and tastes of the majority of my customers. As a Chef, it was up to me to use the right amount of seasonings, not to over power,but, to blend for the taste I was looking for, for my customers.
   I watch some of the food shows, I see burgers that are twice the size of my mouth, sometimes even larger. My feeling is, the building of a perfect burger, should be, that, with every bite, a person should get a taste of everything on the burger. A burger should not me eaten with a knife and fork, a Burger should be eaten by picking it up and taking a bit.
The building of the Perfect burger........
1: The bun s/b made so it does not fall apart when eating, should be able to carry the weight of everything on it.
2: Lettuce s/b crisp I feel ice burg is the best, I think most restaurants use green leaf lettuce because it looks   better, and they are able to lay out a try of burger set-ups for faster service. I like the crunch of fresh ice burg lettuce.
3: The tomato s/b firm and full of flavor, I shake my head when I eat tomatoes in the winter. The tomato should not be to juicy so it drips and makes the burger a watery mess.
4: Bacon, s/b full of flavor, not greasy, not over or under cooked. A nice pepper bacon going real nice on a burger.
5: Mushrooms, fresh, sauteed in butter, not over or under cooked.
6: I put raw onion under the cheese just before I meal the cheese on the burger. I always have a hard tome keeping a onion slice from sliding off the burger.
7: there are many choices of cheese, any soft melting cheese works, just make sure its melted and running over the side a bit.
8: The burger, The burger s/b a good blend of meat to fat ratio. I want my burger cooked about Medium, still a bit pink in the center, full of juices. I feel a burger has to cook so the fats melt and combine to give the true flavor of the burger. There are many blends that people like. I use a 26 day dry age on my cows making the burger into a 85/15 blend, this works for me.
9: I use Mayo on the top bun, I put ketchup on as I go, I feel dips and spreads are different for everyone.
This is my version of a good burger, a good burger just doesn't happen, it's planned. this version is what I had on had in the house. If I were building the perfect burger I would not use a Store bought mass market bun. I would build a bun that would stand up to the weight of the burger & toppings.
 This in my opinion of a good quality, homemade, Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger........
I let the burger rest for a few minutes, I want the juices to stay in the burger. As you see, you can cook a medium burger without cooking the hell out of it.

This burger just fit in my mouth ( I have a big mouth) I was able to get all the toppings with every bit. The burger is soft and silky, jicy, well seasoned with salt and pepper and melts in your mouth.

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