Eating in Kenosha WI (August 2013)

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Eating in Kenosha WI (August 2013)

Well, I sold my house in Libertyville IL and I’m living temporarily in a townhome in Kenosha WI.  The Harbor Park neighborhood is on Lake Michigan, and living here gives me the feeling of being on vacation at a resort.  I know, I know, a girl likes to fantasize!!  Anyway, instead of cooking at home every day, I’ve ventured out to try some local restaurants. 
Andy’s Drive-In is not just a drive-in, it’s also a sit-down diner.  One of the whiteboard specials was two hamburgers for $4, so that’s what I ordered.  Delicious! Excellent!  These are classic skinny hamburger patties on a toasted white bun.  I confirmed that the hamburgers are hand-formed daily, not frozen patties.  For an ordinary hamburger bun, this one was relatively substantial, not mushy and doughy like some.  I like my burgers with lettuce, pickle and mayo.  The lettuce leaves were large, cool and crisp, the dill pickle slices were generous. I was disappointed that their mayo is Kraft Miracle Whip style, which I dislike, not the Hellman’s Mayonnaise style that I love.  Their generic miracle whip was so unpleasant that I had to scrape it off.  Summary, Andy’s classic skinny hamburger is an excellent representative of that style.
Hillcrest Family Restaurant we ate fried chicken, french fries, stuffed pepper soup, chopped steak, baked potato, mixed vegetables, tapioca.  All was good but ordinary.
House of Gerhard Wow, a meal at this German restaurant includes a lot of food!  Before the meal, we were served a basket of crackers, liver pate with garlic toasts, a white roll, a cranberry muffin, fresh sauerkraut salad, and a cup of beef soup.  All delicious!  For the entrees, we ordered the Beef Stroganoff and the Beef Rouladen with Spaetzle. OMG the beef in both was so tender and delicious.  Everything excellent, so happy!
Good Garden Café and Wine Gallery Eclectic and excellent!  Décor is very original and hippie-funk. The chairs are all mismatched comfy upholstered chairs, tables are antique furniture, etc.  I had the Portobello Mushroom Stacker, which is a salad, not a sandwich.  It was excellent.  My dining companion had the Turkey Sandwich, also excellent.  We ordered the cup of soup extra and it was AWESOME.  Homemade Tomato Basil soup, and the cup was big as a bowl.
Boat House Pub Excellent soup!!  I had only a bowl of Tomato Basil Soup for lunch.  It was fantastically delicious.
Baker Street had a very good buffet, some delicious choices.  The barbecue ribs were very tender.
The Coffee Pot has excellent food (with one disappointment), a charming outdoor patio, and a classic diner interior.  I had the Herbivore Omelet, and it was excellent.  The homemade bread toasted was delicious.  My dining companion had the Spinach Benedict, which is served on their homemade bread, too.  We sat outside on the patio, and it was beautiful.  I love this restaurant, but my corned beef hash on my second visit was a big disappointment.  I believe corned beef hash is supposed to be lots of corned beef with some potatoes, onions and green peppers added.  This meal was all hash brown potatoes with a little corned beef, onions and peppers added. The entire portion was small, and the percent of corned beef even smaller. Very disappointing.  Normally if I have a problem at a restaurant, I'd consult the server, manager or owner and attempt to make it right, but I didn't have the energy to do that this morning.  Next time I go there, I may talk to them about this bad experience and see if they'll do something to compensate me.
Marina Garden Restaurant is excellent for breakfast, just good or mediocre for dinner.  This is a dependable and predictable Greek diner or Greek coffee shop.  For breakfast, the eggs over easy with hash browns and pancakes were excellent.  The coffee was very good.  My dining companion had a ham-and- cheese omelet with white toast, also good.  On another day for dinner, we had the broiled pork chops and the rotisserie half-chicken, both acceptable.  The meals included a large bowl of delicious creamy potato soup.  To accompany the meal, the baked potato was excellent, but the mashed potatoes seemed like instant.  The gravy was a horrible yellow glue. The meals included a nice choice of simple desserts, we had chocolate ice cream and tapioca pudding, both good.  I'd return for breakfast only.
The Spot Drive-In Excellent!  I ate here twice.  I had the hamburger, an excellent hand-formed patty about 3-4 oz.  The only topping choices offered were ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle.  The chocolate shake was delicious.  The homemade root beer was delicious.  What makes it different than retail bottled root beer: it’s smoother, sweeter and less carbonated. CASH ONLY!!
Tenuta’s Delicatessen and Liquor is unusual and awesome.  You can purchase every Italian meat, cheese, pasta, sauce, etc. that you could possibly want.  The aisles of liquor selection go on forever.  It's not really a restaurant, but they do serve some sandwiches and other food.  Must see it to believe it!  I had the Italian Sausage and Spinach Panini and it was delicious.  The sausage is made at this location.  My son had the Cheese Portobella Panini which was also delicioso.  NOTE: this gem is not the same as Tenuta’s Restaurant and Tenuta’s Pizzeria.  Those are owned by a different Tenuta family!!
Trolley Dogs downtown and Interstate Dogs out on I-94.  You can't go wrong with two Vienna Beef hot dogs with mustard and onions, or a jumbo Vienna Beef hot dog with mustard and onions.  Yum.  At Trolley, the owner is famous for his friendly kibitzing with customers and his plush hot-dog-n-bun hat.  Too fun.  At Interstate, the food is served in containers shaped like dog food bowls ... I think that's a clever theme that I'd never seen before, but I wonder if other hot dog joints have thought of that already?  
Big Star Drive-In The food I had was terrible.  You'll see that I disposed most of what I ordered into the trash.  I had the smallest hamburger: a 99-cent White Castle clone that was not edible.  Tasteless burger, greasy grilled onions, gooey white bun.  A few bites and I threw it in the trash.  The onion rings were terrible: soggy, limp, bland, originally frozen, I guess. A few bites and I threw them in the trash.  The crinkle-cut french fries were also limp and not crispy.  A few bites and I threw them in the trash.  The broasted chicken was good, but not great. The chicken was the only item that I actually ate.  Today is their final open day of the season...I sure won't miss them when they're gone!
So, that was my August in Kenosha.  For September, I might do a comparison of the pizza around town, I heard there's a lot of good pizza here!
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    Re:Eating in Kenosha WI (August 2013) 2013/09/01 10:33:34 (permalink)
    Fortunately Kenosha has a real White Castle...the only one in Wisconsin IIRC.
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    Re:Eating in Kenosha WI (August 2013) 2013/09/01 14:13:10 (permalink)
     It Looks like you're eating well and having a great time doing so...thx for the report................Bill
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    Re:Eating in Kenosha WI (August 2013) 2013/09/01 16:45:22 (permalink)
    Next time at Gerhard's, you have got to have there prime could be one of the top ten in the nation.  And that White Catle needs to close...they have no clue what they are doing...they go thru managers, employees, etc like flowing water...and if you go thru the drive thru...check eveerything, as something will be wrong.
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    Re:Eating in Kenosha WI (August 2013) 2013/09/01 19:07:21 (permalink)
    ImtheMom, is AMC Town going to be your new permanent location?  Because with all the restaurants you've listed you've practically sown the seeds for a 2014 Contingent tour...
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    Re:Eating in Kenosha WI (August 2013) 2013/09/14 02:10:46 (permalink)
    I was born in & raised in Kenosha. If anyone is going to plan a Contingent Tour there, it's not going to be someone from IL who ate at a bunch of Greek restaurants. *snobs*

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