Regional Descriptive Differences in Menu Items..

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2003/04/23 13:53:16 (permalink)

Regional Descriptive Differences in Menu Items..

As we wander around the country, we have noticed that some items are 'called' by different names in certain parts of the country. Some examples-
1. Soft Drinks (carbonated)- POP- SODA- SodaPop- Coke- Tonic etc

2. Coffee with cream- Coffee regular, coffee light, probably not a good example due to the freakish nature at which the ingredients of your $6 a cup coffee becomes a tongue-twisting list of spices and additives in todays specialized market.
3. If you want "stuff" on your burger (or in some places- Burg) do you ask for them by item, or regular, or dressed?
4. I know what a Tenderloin is on this board...But travel across the USA and you can find them in beef-pork-veal-lamb-and probably Tofu. They are cut from the loin in some places, and cheap cuts-beaten to death and breaded in others, and breaded burgers in a third location.

My point being, One of the fun things about exploring the roadfood world is the challenge to translate the local menus into your (my) concept of what to order
OK, What items are unique to your region?
When I asked for a Tonic in Northern Mass. in my college days, I was handed a MOXIE..that to me, is definitely a Tonic !!

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