vegan dogs?

cape cod johnny
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2008/08/21 20:54:56 (permalink)

vegan dogs?

does anyone have any experiance with meatless dogs?

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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/08/21 20:59:36 (permalink)
    yeah .....they suck! lol seriously i did try one once and it was awful
    cape cod johnny
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/08/21 21:12:08 (permalink)
    I want to find some nasty tasting vegan dogs for the yuppie clientle lol,lol,lol. but seriously folks I really do
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/08/21 21:32:38 (permalink)
    I am not an expert on vegetarian dogs, altho for health reasons the hubster and I are not eating hot dogs any more and I miss them
    I did find a place in Kittery Maine - The Doghouse- which has veggie dogs that are great- the lady at the counter told me people order them and come back to make sure they are veggie dogs , they are so good-the hubby even likes them!! plus a new sauce - spicy/sweet that is very tasty, a very nice treat.

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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/08/22 20:56:40 (permalink)
    I did some research over a year ago after some of our yuppie clientele from the banks started asking for them. Did some research at vegan sites, and discovered that Morningstar Farms got the best feedback. We've been handling them since and do a brisk business with them. We have gotten phonecalls back from the customer at his or her office verifying that they got a veggie dog and not a meat one.

    I tried one and they are O.K. compared to our Vienna dogs, especially if slathered Chicago-style. One caveat though. They can't be held in a steam table. They shortly turn to mush. Frozen, they have to be microwaved in a 1000 watt nuker for 30-35 seconds.

    They come frozen in a bag. We thaw them just enough to break them apart and individually wrap them in a cheap plastic baggie and stick them back in the freezer. When ordered, we just pop it in the mirowave and they're quickly done. We charge $2.99 for the dog, bun and condiments. 50 cents more for chile, which some get, because they're not vegans, just cutting back on beef, although our chili has plenty of it. We combo them with an order of our "guiltless fries" (air-fried with no transfat and no saturated fats) and a free small drink and call it our "Light-Lunch Special" for $4.48 plus tax.
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/08/23 12:32:13 (permalink)
    I use "Smart Dogs" that I get from Harris Teeter. They are fairly big and the veggie crowd seems to enjoy them. They come packed 6 to a pack and I acharge $2.50 each with unlimited toppings. Also use Hillshire Farms Turkey sausages for the "no beef or pork" crowd.

    Though as kensandyego says about his, they do not stand up to the steamer very long and have to be cooked to order out of the chiller box or they go mushy.
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/08/23 17:02:57 (permalink)
    I used LightLife's Smart jumbo dogs for an event at work last year. We have 3 vegetarians in the building & a few more who said, "I'm not going to eat a hotdog" when it was announced we were having a free hotdog lunch for the whole building. I bought two packs & 7 people ate them.

    We kept them in a slow cooker with hot water from the coffeemaker, I did that to get them hot quickly, but next year I would drain the water after a bit & just leave them on low to keep warm & not get mushy.

    They were not bad.
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/09/03 14:08:21 (permalink)
    We use the Boca Italian Sausage as our veggie dog, and get great feedback from them.
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/09/03 15:04:42 (permalink)
    They may have improved over the years but a few years ago, I did the vegan thing. I could not find a vegan dog that I enjoyed. It it was not for the condiments, I could not have done it.

    Paul E. Smith
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/09/04 22:15:46 (permalink)
    I bet I'd like the taste of the vegan dogs better if you took a turkey injector syringe and shot a little pork fat in them.

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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/09/05 00:13:14 (permalink)
    The bigger grocers usually carry morning Star Farms meatless dogd as well as smoked sausage and breakfast stuee.
    Try a small bos and see how you like them. Im sure they are as good or better than anything you'd get from your food broker.
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/09/14 03:26:37 (permalink)
    A local kids amusemant park sell a vegan corn dog. It's awful!
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    RE: vegan dogs? 2008/09/14 03:51:12 (permalink)
    I have learned over the years, and having diabetes, that one can eat what one wants, in moderation.While I respect vegetarians, if i want a hot dog, I have a hot dog.The non meat versions are not that much better for you, having looked at the ingredients.
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